we know it's blazing out

but we've got a few things coming your way this weekend.

and until then, you should probably skip work and go to Spa Castle, a public library, the Aquarium, any of the major museums, OR figure out who makes the best margaritas in town and post up. 

we know this heat is hard to handle, and honestly the actual temperature isn't that bad, it's more so the fact that there's not many patches of grass to absorb the heat. it's just beaming down on us, reflecting off the pavement and slapping us in the face for the second time round.  

Friday, 4-7p: we're honored to be hosting By Way Of Brooklyn's Two Twenties Tie Dying event. Tees are $20, Totes are $20, Steve's ice cream & Sangria for FREE. RSVP to info@bywayofbrooklyn.com and come hang with us. post work, pre friday night plans

Saturday 7-10p: Michael Levin's Jew's of Today opening! It's received considerable press, so I'd recommend getting there early. curated and orchestrated by 109 Gallery

Sunday 4-6: stroll on over for a post brunch listening with the AD Reading Series featuring poetry and prose by Francesco Grisanzio, Robert Balun, Abigail Welhouse, Thomas Heise, Mary Walton, Mike Varley and hosted by Ben Townsend. 

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