So Thanksgiving snuck up on you and now you're completely at a loss and need a quick easy recipe to bring to your great aunt's new boyfriend's pot-luck style Thanksgiving dinner. 

Make STUFFING. Stuffing that was once stuffed inside of a turkey is overrated, besides we all know it's the best part of the meal and there's never enough. So hailing from the midwest and our parent's recipe box (some suggestions by way of Martha Stewart):

Stuffing: 6 servings (per loaf)

per loaf of bread (16-20 oz) add:

1 onion

1/2 C oil (or 2T BUTTER + more for baking dish, because butter rules****)

3 ribs celery

1/4 t rosemary 

1 t sage

1 t poultry seasoning

1T parsley

1 t salt

1 egg (or 1.5: 3 eggs to 2 loaves)

2 shakes cayenne (uhhhh. use your own judgement?)

3/4th C water (or broth****)

1. rip up bread the night before (right now) so it can dry out or spread thin on cooking sheet at 400*F until crispy (not brown, Martha says) ****

2. in oil, sauté above ingredients together

3. mix sautéed items with ripped up bread and 3/4 C water (or broth) (and beaten eggs). 

4. put into BUTTERED 13x9 pan (will fit 1.5-2 recipes) bake covered at 350*F for about 1 hour (uncovered last 15+ minutes) - but be mindful of moisture, different ovens (with different content) hail different results. 

**** PLEASE NOTE: these items have been added because MARTHA STEWART says so and we all know that BUTTER makes everything tastier